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August 10, 2013
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Creating a Beautiful Fractal Image

Sat Aug 10, 2013, 6:02 AM

There are so many beautiful fractal images in the art world...

...and the ones here at Deviant Art are no exception!  The images are as diverse as each person who creates it.  I am a lay-person on the subject when it comes to explaining the art itself.   Simply put...fractals are based on Mathematical Equations.  The how and the why of this explanation still eludes me, but the beauty of the images keep my creating them.  For information about the underlying mathematics check this Wikipedia link

This journal will look at the elements that go into creating a beautiful Fractal Image, rather then the complexity of the base mathematics.

Sway by z00rekaOld Rings by SuicideBySafetyPinEva's style. by CopperColourMr Pig Learns to Fly by GypsyHIn the Arms of the Angel by MandelFish

I did not come to these thoughts about the "Perfect Fractal" on my own.  The following people gave me the heart of this journal.

:icontate27kh::iconmelinfrance::icongraphiclia::iconfraterchaos::icondoodler0305::iconjost1::iconichsehetotemenschen::iconproject-gammaray::iconairgiod::iconannemaccat::icongrannyogg::iconmargot1942::iconwolfepaw::iconlightbulbmoon::iconshadoweddancer: :iconablipintime::iconpeekeeboo::iconheavymetalteacup::iconpiethein21::iconlion6255::iconeresaw::iconrjohnstone:

Here are the basic essentials of good fractal images:

+Shape                            +Render quality
+Perspective                    +Balance                
+Lighting                          +Originality
+Texture                          +Symmetry

Here are examples of some of these qualities:

:heart: Shape is one of the first elements that make an attractive fractal.  It draws the eye in and captures it.  It can have symmetry or be abstract in composition. Sometimes it can have both!  We all have our own subjective ideas as to what constitutes a beautiful fractal.

  :heart: Abstract Candy Crush by phoenixkeyblackShattered By Joy by Lady-CompassionGregorian by FarDareisMaiWonderland by tatasz

  :heart: Symmetrical mondarius by piethein21A New Year's Toast by PeekeebooPastel Pinwheel by Shadoweddancer#000001 by LightBulbMoon

:heart: Perspective and Lighting (How the mathematical equation is made pleasing to the eye.)

                            Fractal Bird of Paradise 2 by wolfepawApples as Gift for You by Margot1942Black (K)night, White Dawn by GrannyOgg5.31.13 C by annemaccat

:heart: Texture and Color (The elements that bring life to the image.)

                            Blue Bacteria by Ichsehetotemenschenglassflower by jost1Moonlit nature by Doodler0305Beaucoup Boxes by GraphicLia

                            Entrelacement.... by MeLinFranceVia Delarosa by Tate27khThe Proposition by RozrrHouse of golden sunset by Vidom

           Color can also be used effectively as monochrome.

                            Polar Feathers 1 by AkuraPareUF-Hearts by LupsibergCorallimorpharia by KancanoMe under the shower by FractalDesire

                             Purple Heights Spiral by fraxialmadness3Curlvature by z00reka Soulis: Lava III by soulis0Heidrun 22 by Kattvinge

:heart: Balance (Keeping harmony with in the image)

                            Glacier by peinturealuileDepth and Color by DsyneGrafixThreshold by piritipanyGold Overlay by SuicideBySafetyPin

                            Mandelbulb Life by Undead-Academyflower rosette.... by FeliFeeIce flowers by thargor6Closer Look To A Cube Entrance by eMBeeL

:heart: Originality  (Have I seen this before...?)  ( looks new and fresh!)

                            Not Hidden Mickey by TABASCO-RAREMASTER280113_05 by 2old4gamezTulip field by mjdezoEnjoyment by Topas2012

                            Touch the Sky by moonhighBangle by f--l--A--r--kMy Mandelbulbs Have Flowered by GrahamSymFractal surface by FractalDesire

If you are interested in creating your OWN fractals....there are many free programs to download.  Among them are:

                           :heart: Apophysis…
                           :heart: Incendia
                           :heart: Fractal Explorer…
                           :heart: Mandelbulb
                           :heart: Chaoscope

So...what makes a great Fractal?  I think, that in the long run it is really up to the creator of the fractal itself...and the person viewing it.
To learn more check out ANY of these great groups listed below:


I hope you have enjoyed this quick look into the world of fractals.....and maybe caught the urge to make some for yourself!




This is an article I wrote for the group :iconprojecteducate: Community Week.

I truly loved gathering the images to illustrate the different elements of Beautiful of Fractals......and the people who created the images are some of my "Personal Heros" in the craft.

I would also like to add that if you are just curious about fractals and would like to ask real-time questions about it......check out :iconthe-aposhack: There is almost always someone in their. Also, at times they hold various events such as the recent "Helpful Critique" incentive......
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